New Mum Support Flower Essence Gift Box

New Mum Support Flower Essence Gift Box



Being a new mum can be daunting so we have put this box together to help you survive during the harder times. We couldn’t fit in all of the essences that you might need but we feel this selection will cover lots of issues that arrive with motherhood.

Flower Essences are perfectly safe to use whilst pregnant and breastfeeding as well as for giving to babies and small children.

Base is  Organic Vodka ( for extra shelf life)

This Survival Kit contains:

30ml Calm and Confident -for coping with new situations and not being anxious

30ml Shock Release – for releasing physical and emotional trauma after giving birth as well as for any accidents that may occur afterwards

30ml Easy Sleep spray – in our own pure lavender hydrosol for misting both you and your baby to calm and relax

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