Easy Sleep Spray

Easy Sleep Spray




This fabulous product  Easy Sleep spray is held in soothing pure Lavender hydrosol distilled by Saskia from lavender grown by Cricket Lavender in Hampshire with flower essences added to help you stop worrying, relax, let go and drift away.

It comes in a 100ml mister bottle.

Saskia  suggests you spray it around yourself and on your pillow before settling down to sleep.

It contains the energy of :

White Chestnut – for removing unwanted thoughts

Red Chestnut – against worrying about others

Wild Garlic – to feel safe and protected

Speedwell – to slow right down

Oak – to rest and recharge

Cherry Plum – soft calmness

Dandelion seed – to help you drift away

NB. Just so you know Lavender hydrosol doesn’t smell quite the same as the essential oil. It is slightly sweeter and more ‘herby’ than the oil as it contains a much larger spectrum of the aromatic and healing components of the plant.

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